Month: December 2015

Double The Difference You Can Make

Incredible news! We’ve always attracted people like you, who want to make a huge difference in this world, especially when it comes to porn, lust, and sexual struggles. But we’ve just had an extremely generous person contact us about making that difference stand out: They’ve pledged to make a matching donation for our year-end fundraising... Read more »

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Want to Strengthen Society? Start by Strengthening Marriage.

Marriage is tough. It’s work. My wife Jeanette and I married 17 years ago, and I wish more people would’ve told us back then how challenging marriage can be, but it’s a challenge we’ve accepted. We’ve worked at it. We’ve had our ups and downs, but: We’ve grown closer together. We have a strong marriage... Read more »

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Christian Protestor Gets Schooled On Jesus By The Guy He’s Condemning– Watch This!

Someone brought this video to our attention, and I have to say, I kind of love it. What you’ll see here was shot by an unnamed Christian protestor, who was standing outside a porn show with a sign that probably said something judgmental about the people who were inside. The video has also been treated... Read more »

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25 Days of Christmas – Free Stuff and Discounts Every Day

I know, I know… Christmas is for kids. But heck, who doesn’t love Advent Calendars. To be honest, I don’t know what a traditional advent calendar is really for other than the basic idea of spiritual preparation for the holiday. My memories of Advent Calendars go back to when I was a kid and we... Read more »

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Hackney escort

Do some girls plan to become Hackney escorts? When we go through life we sometimes have a plan. That plan may involve just ourselves or other people as well, but I wonder if anybody really plans to become a Hackney escort? Some girls seem to set their hearts on becoming escorts. It could be that their moms worked as escorts during their younger years and then moved on to do something else. It is not that unusual to see escorting running in families and some young ladies have been inspired by their moms. Their moms may have told them about their early career as escorts.

How do modern girls look at escorting as a job? A lot of young ladies these days join Hackney escorts agencies for a specific purpose like Some of them might like to go onto university or college. The only problem is that going onto university or college these days can be very expensive. You can risk ending up with very high student loans and have to spend a large part of your career paying them. Some smart young ladies work as escorts for a few years to be able to go on to higher education. It is a smart thing to do when you consider the price of education.

Other young ladies join Hackney escorts to earn a lot of money really quickly. They may have some alternative plans in life. Raising money to start your own business may not always be easy. Banks are tough lenders these days. You may passionately believe in your business idea but others may not. This is one of the many reasons girls perhaps join an escorts agency. They work hard for a few years and then start their own business. The girls have capital in the bank and do not have too worry too much about raising alternative capital.

Some girls join Hackney escorts because they would like to enjoy an alternative lifestyle. They might be sick of the 9 to 5 in an office and would like to do something totally different. Believe it or not, this is a very common reason for girls to join an escorts agency. After a while, they appreciate that escorting is a very good way to earn money. Once they have had enough, many of them find that they have enough money to buy a flat and to live independent lives. Not a bad thing at all in this day and age.

Not all girls successful Hackney escorts but some of them do really make it to the top. They stay in the service for about five years and take a different look at life. This might involve going traveling or moving abroad, At least they can say that they have earned their own money and can live life on their own terms, This might be a very liberating feel for a lot of young ladies. It doesn’t matter if you end up working as a florist or a nurse after your Hackney escort career. You can certainly say that you did something for yourself.

This Testimony From A Former Porn Star Is Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Heard

One of our focuses here at XXXchurch has always been on those who are in the porn industry. We meet so many of them during outreaches and we’ve long known that they’re regular people, just like you and me: they have dreams for life, they have bills to pay, they have parents and family and... Read more »

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