Month: May 2015

50 Shades Of Grey – #1 At The Box Office And #1 In Your Home

When the movie 50 Shades of Grey was released in February it set an all time record for box office sales for that month. Because the movie (and book series) deals with the topic of sex we of course felt that it was our responsibility to offer some healthy discussion around this subject. Especially since 50... Read more »

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Are Men Too Horny or Are Women Trying To Be Too Sexy?

Have you ever had an article or blog post that stopped and made you think … “Hmmm, isn’t there a bigger issue or question here?” I read a great article in USA Today on the “right” to wear yoga pants. Mind you the article was specifically dealing with the rights of a female middle schooler. Anyway,... Read more »

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Making You Sex Fantasies A Reality

It’s natural to have sexual fantasies, we all do. Even adults in long term committed relationships who love each other dearly and have a great sexual relationship may find their minds sometimes wandering, imagining themselves in unusual locations or unlikely situations doing things they feel they could never do in real life. These fantasies are exciting for how much they differ from our usual lives and because they allow us to imagine ourselves in another world or even another time, where our imaginations and desires can safely play without judgment, guilt, or criticism. And acting out these sexual fantasies with our partners can be fun and rewarding, providing another opportunity to bond with our partners, growing closer to them because they are someone that we can trust completely with our innermost secrets and desires without fear of ridicule or mockery.

But approaching your partner for the first time about a sex fantasy can be a delicate matter. It’s normal to feel they may be alarmed or shocked, maybe even appalled by the things that you would like to try out with them in the safety and privacy of your own bedroom. As with all aspects of a strong, healthy relationship, communication and keeping an open mind are important. It’s best to approach your partner at a time when you know you won’t be interrupted and when you can both dedicate your complete attention to each other, discussing your desires and fantasies comfortably. Explain what it is you fantasize about as clearly as possible, emphasizing that you want to do this with your partner, that you want them to play a significant role in bringing this fantasy to life for you, as much as they feel comfortable in doing so, because in enacting your fantasy, it becomes a shared fantasy for them, and it is that sharing and being comfortably and safely vulnerable with each other that helps strengthen your relationship and add an extra layer of pleasure to your sex life. It is important for your partner to know, if they have any reservations that you’re not looking to replace them with a sex fantasy, rather you want to add a new and exciting dimension to your relationship, and that you welcome any fantasies that they may want to act out, too.

Planning your sex fantasy is easier now than ever, as there are numerous reputable online retailers specializing in adult costumes, sex toys, props, and even sex furniture that you can purchase discreetly in the privacy of your own home. These retailers also ensure your utmost privacy by delivering your items to you in discreet packaging, making no one any wiser to the exiting and titillating scenarios being acted out in the privacy of your own home with the person you love.

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